Daily travel links for 2020-01-30: Random hotel fees, Trevi barrier and Pakistan tourism


Daily travel links for 2020-01-29: Foreign grocery stores, video-game hotels and overtourism solutions

    • If you’ve always wanted to stay in a video-game-themed #hotel, you won’t have to wait much longer, because Atari is opening several in the U.S… https://t.co/15rxcm1VlK
    • Good to know that I’ve driven 8 of the 10 most romantic roadtrips for couples, as chosen by T&L.… https://t.co/FDnLZ4NWna


Daily travel links for 2020-01-28: Coronavirus hurting Asian tourism, beating the system and the stresses of #vanlife

    • “This is the year to explore these six often-overlooked destinations in Utah” is a story I wrote for a Visit the United States that appeared in the National Post… https://t.co/aUg6HitvGP
    • “Monterey County: world-class experiences await on California’s central coast” is another story I wrote for that Visit the USA section… https://t.co/SGzmgFR33m
    • “Louisiana: an authentic and unique blend of experiences and tastes” is a third story I wrote for the National Post… https://t.co/B85BnT0lcI
    • “Missouri: A welcoming destination steeped in Americana.” Yes, it’s another story I wrote for Visit the USA.… https://t.co/EpoyH05UJz
    • Last one! “Punta Gorda/Englewood Beach promises a vacation that will make the most of Florida’s great outdoors” is the final story I wrote for Visit the USA… https://t.co/hdmZyeS4Pw


Daily travel links for 2020-01-27: Surprise destinations, killing the environment and demonising air travel

An island in Sweden


Daily travel links for 2020-01-24: Travel risks, hotel workouts and Northern Lights from a balloon

    • Hot-air balloons and the Northern Lights are both great, butt put them together and you have an amazing combination… https://t.co/Em8Qil1kBx


Daily travel links for 2020-01-23: Hotel tipping, travel photo tips and the return of sleeper trains

Daily travel links for 2020-01-22: Flying tall, carbon-neutral tours and travelling without your partner

    • Being tall is generally a good thing, but not when it comes too travelling in an airplane in economy class.… https://t.co/Bz61qxC0FN
    • I’m just going to set a reminder in my calendar to check if the world’s first source #hotel will have launched by 2025… https://t.co/KIfo80yk3D
    • Be careful of what you name your mobile devices on your wifi network before you board an airline in the United States… https://t.co/qxBny9Z3vJ


Daily travel links for 2020-01-21: More vacation for non-fliers, airport style and the whole can of soda

    • This is why the flight attendant doesn’t leave you the whole can of Coke most of the time that you fly.… https://t.co/N2uxJR8oIs


Daily travel links for 2020-01-20: Credit card scam, printing boarding passes and lying about your holiday

    • Some visitors to Costa Rica are warning of credit card scams that have cost them thousands of dollars.… https://t.co/br0iYGIx2b
    • I believe that I have attempted the vast majority of entries in the illustrated encyclopedia of sleeping positions on airplanes… https://t.co/XhcSjQ950z


Daily travel links for 2020-01-17: Bourdain’s upcoming book, responsible tourists and yet another new hotel brand

    • Expect “World Travel: An Irreverent Guide”, a #travel guidebook by Anthony Bourdain to appear in bookstores later this fall… https://t.co/8ZRsD2Nzkb