Daily travel links for 2018-11-15: Bali electronics ban, Roman changes and Africa’s first high-speed train

Daily travel links for 2018-11-14: Dutch fighting overtourism, airport game and untaken travel photos

    • Everyone’s got a “Where to Go” list for 2019, but Fodor’s has one that tells you where *not* to go.… https://t.co/lBJJLtkyVx


Daily travel links for 2018-11-13: Travelling on Christmas day, world’s best airline and avoiding hookworm

    • Travelling before Thanksgiving or Christmas is horrible, but travelling on the actual holidays is a breeze and saves you money… https://t.co/lXPDpiB9Q7


Daily travel links for 2018-11-12: Make travel sustainable, rabies warning and Canada’s new tourism plan

    • This story of a man who died from rabies after cat bite in Morocco should remind travellers to be wary of animals they meet in other places… https://t.co/bHHf9WX2mL
    • I like travelling solo, but I hate eating alone. Here are some tips on how to dine with no one but yourself for company… https://t.co/yx5C9KHA5V
    • #English is commonly spoken around the world, but these are the countries and cities where you will have an easier time if you are unilingual… https://t.co/1catQ5fFF0
    • Talk about going beyond the call of duty. This flight attendant breastfed a passenger’s baby.… https://t.co/DMHis3hgmm


Daily travel links for 2018-11-09: Beating baggage fees, Mexico City’s new airport and travel onesies


Daily travel links for 2018-11-08: Underrated Iran, abandoned hotels and customer lifetime value scores

    • How cute, a traveller describes her 24-hour #travel journey. Clearly she’s never flown from Fiji to Montreal with a 12-hour layover in Los Angeles and a connecting flight from New York… https://t.co/pUkm0HbxG9

Daily travel links for 2018-11-07: China’s increasing pull, Delta’s bathroom windows and cruising with mom


Daily travel links for 2018-11-05: Travel’s not easy, Icelandair buying Wow Air and death by “selficide”

    • Twice as high as the Statue of Liberty, the world’s largest statue has recently been unveiled and it commemorates someone you likely have never heard of… https://t.co/JAS6unv4Bn


Daily travel links for 2018-11-02: Canadian UFO sites, best places for Diwali and New Zealand wants respect


Daily travel links for 2018-11-01: Commercializing the Day of the Dead, eating like a local and best bagel cities

    • If you want to eat like like a local while travelling, you’ve got to ask the right locals for recommendations.… https://t.co/QONmsB4uIP