Daily travel links for 2019-05-17: Canadian film festivals, Africa’s coolest cities and no more booze on planes

Movie theatre audience

Daily travel links for 2019-05-16: Airline route maps, the TWA Hotel opens and sleeping on the Spice Girls bus

airline route map


Daily travel links for 2019-05-15: Millennials’ travel debt, carbon offsets and hotel sexual assaults

    • If you buy into the #millennial stereotype, then you’ll believe this survey that claims they are the age group most likely to go into debt to travel… https://t.co/kTptNP1MVX


Daily travel links for 2019-05-14: Digital nomads, booze-free bars and United’s Spider-Man video

    • Just wondering if the term “digital nomad” is going to sound as outdated in the future as hippie does today.… https://t.co/RssW45IMtf
    • Since comic-book culture is our dominant form of entertainment these days,, United now has a Spider-Man safety video… https://t.co/jx8VYtOznM
    • Headline is “One Third of Americans Find Destination Weddings Selfish.” Why not “Two Thirds of Americans Don’t Find Destination Weddings Selfish?” https://t.co/ndeDJ85uaL
    • From David Hasselhoff shrines to museums of dark magic, these are #Europe‘s most underrated attractions, or possibly the weirdest ones… https://t.co/u0zVuW3Z7O


Daily travel links for 2019-05-13: Best camera for travel, Rainbow Mountain’s popularity and walking the airport

    • What’s the best compact #camera for travelling? It just might be your smartphone, but there’s an argument that it it is not… https://t.co/UmaoHGZr7u


Women like to get to the airport earlier than men, survey reveals

One of the biggest hassles of travel for me is having to wait at the airport, which is pretty much in line with a recent survey that found women are more eager than men to get to the airport early in order to avoid missing their flights.

A survey of 230 travellers, commissioned by the GO Group, LLC, an international ground transportation provider, found that 47 per cent of women preferred to get to the airport at least two hours in advance of departure time for a domestic flight compared to only 39 per cent of men.

More men (42 per cent) thought 90 minutes was the ideal time to arrive, although an equal number of women agreed. Meanwhile, 14 per cent of men thought an hour was enouugh time as did 10 per cent of women. Unsurprisingly, no one thought 30 minutes was enough time.

The results were different for international flights, with 44 per cent of women and 39 per cent of men saying they arrived three or more hours prior to their departure time. The preferred time was two hours with half of the men (50 per cent) and women (52 per cent) choosing that amount of time. Only eight per cent of men and two per cent of women said 90 minutes was their target, while another two per cent cut things close, arriving just one hour prior to their scheduled departure.

Clearly, how you respond to the question depends a lot on the airport you are leaving from and the time of day. All I know is that no matter how much I tell myself I will leave later for the airport to avoid waiting, I still end up spending far too much time sitting at the departure gate.


Daily travel links for 2019-05-10: Canadian glamping, influencers panicking and free airline wi-fi

Daily travel links for 2019-05-09: Least-visited places, Ontario’s tourism cuts and travel’s environmental impact

    • These amazing destinations with almost no tourists are the least-visited places in the world.… https://t.co/aX008DVYus
    • The world’s first zero-waste flight has taken off, but don’t mind the exhaust it spewed from its engines.… https://t.co/Eh3xAli3vS


Daily travel links for 2019-05-08: NYC attraction restrictions, dating apps ruining travel and ditching first class

The Statue of Liberty in New York City
    • People may have did in the recent Aeroflot plane crash because they were trying to bring their carry-on luggage wit… https://t.co/HNO3CBpbYz

Daily travel links for 2019-05-07: Netherlands overtourism, visiting every national park and disgusting foreign food

    • Love this story of a man who visited all 419 US national parks in one long trip in honour of his dad who died of cancer… https://t.co/qd5zcJwkK8
    • We love reading accounts of “disgusting” foreign food. I wonder what we eat looks like in the eyes of others.… https://t.co/Dz3xCqFZDa
    • Want to slash the size of the invitation list to your #wedding? Plan a destination wedding in a place that people won’t travel to… https://t.co/Qtsj8AZXwX