Daily travel links for 2019-09-13: Strawberry Fields forever, a North Pole hotel and flyers want connectivity

Strawberry Fields
    • Travellers want more connectivity while flying, says this survey. Personally, I relish the opportunity to be disconnect, if only for a few hours… https://t.co/ATJrca0i5l

Daily travel links for 2019-09-12: TSA rules you don’t know, hotel annoyances and underground London

    • These are the world’s most travel-ready countries, according to the World Economic Forum. https://t.co/cRivLDTui4


Daily travel links for 2019-09-11: Bahamas is open, posing as a senior at meds for travellers

Bahamas resort

Daily travel links for 2019-09-10: Hotel room of the future, unpronounceable places and world’s longest food festival


Daily travel links for 2019-09-09: Trump slump, election tourism and a Lombard Street toll


Daily travel links for 2019-09-06: Get bumped on purpose, South Sudan’s tourism push and Komodo confusion

    • If you want to fly for free, forget the frequent flier points. Pick your flight time strategically and you can get bumped then reap the rewards… https://t.co/2UxqiXHVOB
    • Virgin Galactic gives inside look to new spaceport. Maybe one day people will actually fly out of it.… https://t.co/zMmLPwfhyx


Daily travel links for 2019-09-05: Visiting Fort Wayne, the best country to visit and Odessa’s catacombs

    • Just because Fort Wayne, Indiana doesn’t get a lot of attention from #travel writers, here’s how you can have fun there… https://t.co/VQCXXGq2SY
    • For what it’s worth, Spain has been declared the world’s best country to visit in 2019 by the World Economic Forum.… https://t.co/TCVbsqDNhm
    • You won’t be seeing many more MD-80’s in the skies as American Airlines has retired this classic airplane.… https://t.co/9zasq6OjIj

Daily travel links for 2019-09-04: Prince Harry’s travel plan, travel sweaters and saying no to honeyfunds


Daily travel links for 2019-09-03: The fall of the wall, bad wifi and a selfie study

The Berlin Wall
    • Half of us lie about bad wifi to avoid working while on vacation. I don’t have to lie. Usually, the wifi I encounter at hotels is crap… https://t.co/cx0vDIBYBh
    • These are the world’s longest, most epic road trips, and that’s not including the drive back.… https://t.co/qMX6X4ha1Y

Daily travel links for 2019-08-30: Crap travel, solo cruises and top wildlife destination