Daily travel links for 2019-07-09: Don’t work on holiday, avoiding baggage fees and more overtourism news

    • Do you really need to have reasons why you shouldn’t do office work on your summer vacation? https://t.co/x9tQXdMTPt


Daily travel links for 2019-07-08: Foreign grocery stores, livable cities and getting annoyed by begpackers

    • The best way to tour a new city, especially a foreign one, is through its grocery stores. Amen.… https://t.co/Rxy9OpLfrj
    • What does it really mean when certain kinds of cities keep getting ranked as the world’s “most livable”?… https://t.co/snkuGBfjir
    • I dare you to look at this collection of ‘begpackers’ and not be incensed by them as they beg for money to fund their travels… https://t.co/74QwGhF5xt
    • Take steps to combat overtourism before it’s too late, says bestselling Canadian travel writer… https://t.co/Rqx0EfvmaQ
    • Just how ready are electric cars for long road trips? This man is driving 25,000 km to find out.… https://t.co/MFEBHEJnYq


Daily travel links for 2019-07-05: Text locals for travel advice, KLM wants us to fly less and saying no to influencers

    • KLM is urging people to take trains or do video calls where possible instead of flying. Are they being responsible or is it just marketing? https://t.co/PdlbRSwBN0


Daily travel links for 2019-07-04: Paris banning buses, more selfiecide and a hotel complaint

    • It’s been years since I stayed at New York’s #Hotel Pennsylvania, but these guests were appalled by the state of their room… https://t.co/obVWJ13f67


Daily travel links for 2019-07-03: Sleeping pill stories, Van Gogh Museum decline and terminal tourists


Daily travel links for 2019-07-02: Berlin’s notorious airport, Thailand’s suggestions and British pubs fighting back

    • Britain’s traditional pubs are under threat, but they’re fighting back. Here’s how some of #London famous pubs are fighting back. https://t.co/o9XjeE3BAA
    • If you’re heading to Xianjiang in #China, you may be forced to install an app on your smartphone that will read all your texts and root around in other files… https://t.co/Uk9oqUp3vC


Daily travel links for 2019-06-28: Forgetting things in hotels, how airline food is made and Vienna is calling


Daily travel links for 2019-06-26: More flight shaming, Afghanistan’s national park and Japan’s train station meals

Daily travel links for 2019-06-25: New UNESCO sites, interrailing’s benefits and the best places to visit

Daily travel links for 2019-06-21: Road trip pit stops, a Bourdain scholarship and China’s name crackdown

    • Parents feel the pressure of struggling to afford holidays and missing out on making memories.… https://t.co/jSD1OCHWt3