Daily travel links for 2021-01-26: Banning inter-provincial travel, Confusing COVID rules and New Zealand Staying Closed

    • According to this survey, more than 80% of Canadians support a ban on non-essential inter-provincial #travel during the pandemic… https://t.co/BJMt11lWPs
    • New Zealand will keep its borders closed until its citizens are ‘vaccinated and protected,’ says their PM.… https://t.co/BtqQ4jpmNR


Daily travel links for 2021-01-25: Variant worries, Israel closes its skies and Mexican tourism troubles

Coronavirus causing COVID


Daily travel links for 2021-01-22: Not following orders, U.S. adding quarantines and unfollowing pandemic travellers

    • International travellers will now have to quarantine when they arrive in the United States. https://t.co/AJB25EIBRS
    • This writer explains why she’s immediately unfollowing anyone in her social feeds who’s taking a pandemic vacation.… https://t.co/EXnGwpYFq5
    • If vacation trips aren’t banned by the feds, Quebec’s Plan B is to have returning holidaymakers quarantine in a hotels at their own expense… https://t.co/WgIHskrb8t
    • For flight attendants, getting people to wear masks is now one of the hardest parts of the job.… https://t.co/0gAOxmTwv5


Daily travel links for 2021-01-21: KLM takes a break, Florida rebuffs vaccine tourists and good manners still necessary

KLM aircraft parked at an airport

Daily travel links for 2021-01-20: Travel anxiety, unimpressed tourists and Caribbean luxury today

    • Some of the world’s most celebrated tourist sites failed to impress these tourists on TripAdvisor.… https://t.co/MJXo4PPsFX