Escape inspires you with lowest flight prices

There is no shortage of websites out there to shop for airfares. Escape’s sole purpose is to show you the cheapest flights available from any city over a specified date range.

Search results are displayed on a map and the bottom of the screen shows you the cheapest flight by continent.

I’ve encountered other sites that work similarly, but I like the site’s narrow focus, because who doesn’t like to pay the least possible when they fly? My only disappointment was I didn’t actually find any flights that were all that cheap on the dates I wanted to travel!

Tracking the world’s latest travel scams

For as long as there have been travellers, there have been travel scams. There are some classics that have been going on for years and continue to fool tourists, but as word spreads on certain ruses, they either fade away or evolve into new scams.

To help you keep track of the latest scams out there, this website, Scams Travel, maps various scams encountered by travellers. Been scammed? Add your own to the list? Are you a scammer? I suppose this list will help you add new ones to your repertoire, but we also hope you go to jail.

Tour like a bird with Touring Bird

There is no shortage of companies trying to streamline the process of booking local tours, but now the 500-pound gorilla known as Google is getting in on the action with their new Touring Bird service.

Touring Bird focuses on a dozen or so of the world’s most popular destinations like Paris, Barcelona, Berlin and Las Vegas with curated lists of tours, experiences and itineraries to help travellers plan their visits.

While there’s seemingly a concerted effort to steer people toward paid tours and presumably skim a portion of the sales, free alternatives get their due so people can choose which way they want to go.

The website is very easy to use on either desktop or mobile and is definitely worth checking out if you are heading to any of the places they cover.

Choose a book by the location it is set in

Books let us travel to places we’ve never been. Sometimes they inspire us to visit those places and sometimes they are set in places we’ve been and become more real as our familiarity with the setting helps bring the story to life. Reading a book about a place while travelling there is also a special experience. If you would like to read books set in specific locations, Destination Reads will help point you to some of them, although you may find their choices limited.

AirHelp helps you get compensation for delayed or cancelled flights

Has your flight been delayed or cancelled and you don’t know what compensation the airline owes you for your troubles? AirHelp is there to help.

The airline you’re flying might be cooperative and offer you compensation immediately, but most will try to string you along for as long as they can. With AirHelp, you can jumpstart the process by filling in a simple web form that asks you for information about yourself and your flight and file a claim for you.

The service isn’t free, however. AirHelp takes 25% of the compensation received for regular customers and 35% for Online Travel Agency customers. If your claim is complicated and legal action is required, they will add their legal fee and round the amount off at 50%.

Pick a random destination with Earth Roulette

Earth Roulette is a fun way to randomly select a travel destination. Each spin of the wheel brings a different country along with links to more information about that place and the lowest airfare and hotel deals from SkyScanner if you are inspired to go there.

Globe Genie will transport you anywhere

Who wouldn’t want the superpower to teleport to any place on the globe instantly? It may not be as good as the real thing, but Globe Genie harnesses the power of Google Street View to send you just about anywhere, virtually.

That Visa lets your international friends find visa-free destinations

Let’s say you are travelling on one passport and your friend is travelling on another, how do you find a visa-free destination that both of you could visit together? Do it using That Visa.

Simply enter the passports of the people travelling together, whether it be a couple or a group, and the website will spit out a list of countries you could go to without having to secure a pesky visa.



City Heat tells you where to stay

Picking the best location for your hotel stay in a city you’ve never visited can be a bit of a crap shoot, but City Map creates heat maps based on your interests to pinpoint the best place to base yourself.

Listen to live air traffic control radio on

Listening to air traffic controllers on the radio is not an activity that appeals to everyone, but there are enough aviation geeks out there that it has spawned an entire website that collects dozens of live streams from airports around the world. Get your #avgeek fix on