Nab these game-changing trays for your in-car road-trip meals

It’s looking like this year is shaping up to be another summer of road trips for most people as international travel restrictions make it too much of a hassle for most to bother with.

If you’re planning on hitting the road, then it’s time to accessorize your vehicle to help make your life easier. One of those accessories that will change your life are in-car trays that act as flat surfaces where you can eat or get work done instead of doing everything in your lap.

Without further ado, here are my recommendations for some highly-rated products you didn’t know you needed for your next automotive journey.


Cup Holder Tray for Car

Car cup holder trayIn the olden days, your dashboard might have been flat enough to park your meal or anything else you didn’t want to hold in your lap, but today’s curved surfaces make it difficult. Fortunately, the invention of the cup holder helps because it becomes a space where you can insert one of these sturdy 9-inch trays that can be used by the driver, side passenger and even folks in the back seat.

Five-star review:  “My Boyfriend is a truck driver and he loves it, helps him save time by being able to eat on the road (having a place to put his food) has an area to work off of when he’s stopped and filling out his log books. He likes it a lot. Also the customer service is commendable seeing as I bought the product a month ago and they checked in to see if I have any questions or concerns about the product after giving us time to test it out and such. Overall I think this is a very good product, very sturdy and suits any cupholder I think. (Fits in our pick up and big rig)”

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Portable Foldable Car Seat Tray

car trayThis spacious tray attaches to your steering wheel for the driver to use or to the headrest for passengers in the backseat. When you don’t need it, it’s a cinch to fold up and store for the next time. Use it for meals or as a workspace to park your laptop or notebook.

Five-star review: This tray is perfect for my 15″ Dell laptop, functionally works very well, no issues highly recommend for laptop or tablet users, it has a slide out small tray for a mouse, however my mouse didn’t work well with the black surface didn’t pickup the sensor. Would recommend this product.

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Steering Wheel Desk

Steering wheel deskSimple, but effective, this desk is specifically designed to slip onto your steering wheel. It has a space to hold a drink without spilling and an expansive flat surface for food or work. Easy to clean and easy to store. It’s perfect for anyone who spends a lot of time in a car. Just don’t forget to remove it before you drive anywhere.

Five-star review: “Covid-19 got you eating your fancy restaurant food under some tent in the blistering summer heat instead of a cozy climate controlled building? Eat in your cozy climate controlled car instead!”

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