Are you securing your hotel doors with any of these portable travel locks?

Do you ever wonder for your personal safety when you travel? Maybe you don’t trust the shoddy lock on the door of your hotel or worry that someone else has a key to your Airbnb and can let themselves in while you’re sleeping. 

It’s not an uncommon fear which is why there are numerous travel locks designed to secure your room from the inside so that no one can get in through the door unless you want them to.

Here are three of the most highly-recommended options to consider, with models for every budget:


DoorJammer Lockdown

Doorjammer LockdownThis portable, industrial strength door-security device can be fit to any standard doors in seconds without the use of any tools in order to prevent unwanted entry. The only way anyone can get through the door would be to break it down and unless you’re an incredibly heavy sleeper, you’re likely to notice that.

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Home and Travel Safety Lock

home and travel safety lockThis stainless steel lock slides into the door frame and sits over the existing lock bolt so that it remains locked from the inside of your room. You can use it to secure your hotel room’s front door, your bathroom door and it’s especially welcome in a setting like a B&B or Airbnb where you have no idea who has access to your room.

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Portable Door Travel Lock

Portable travel lockSimilar in operation to the previous travel lock, this model is made from thicker steel which makes it stronger than its competitors. Slip it over the existing lock bolt and it remains secure from the inside and you can rest easy that your room is safe.

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