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Mark Stachiew Travels Friday Five

Welcome to this week's issue of the Friday Five, a quick collection of the most popular travel stories I shared this week on Mark Stachiew Travels. As much as we wish the pandemic would just go away, it continues to make headlines and a lot of this week's stories reflect that, but we've also got some fun, lighter stories to remind us of better days ahead.

PCR test requirements at the border need to be re-examined: Tam

Chief public health officer Dr. Theresa Tam says border measures that require travellers to present a negative COVID-19 test to enter Canada should be re-examined. (Canadian Press)

How some Canadian travellers are getting free COVID-19 tests in the U.S.

Canadians are complaining about needing expensive COVID-19 tests before crossing the border from the U.S., but some savvy travellers are finding ways to get them for free. (CBC News)

What's your COVID Plan B?

If you're ready to travel internationally again, have a plan for the possibility that you test positive for COVID before you fly home. You have to be ready for the delay that it would cause and many travellers aren't. (Johnny Jet)

You could own a piece of an Emirates Airbus A380 including the iconic onboard bar

Emirates is decommissioning some of its Airbus A380 aircraft and will be selling off bits of them to souvenir hunters. What part of the plane would you want to buy? (Travel Daily Media)

Hotels rethink the concierge: From selfies to sustainability

More hotels are offering creative concierge services, ranging from the frivolous to the more timely. (Japan Today)

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