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Mark Stachiew Travels Friday Five

Welcome to this week's issue of the Friday Five, a quick collection of the most interesting travel stories that I shared in the past week on Mark Stachiew Travels. Maybe it's a good sign that there's virtually no pandemic news in this edition, with the exception of one piece that looks at how the pandemic is causing some travellers to examine their relationship with alcohol when they are on vacation. 

For some travellers, the pandemic has become a time to reimagine their relationship with drinking

Whether it be visits to vineyards, microbreweries, whiskey tours, gin distilleries, rum plantations, Oktoberfest or mezcal and tequila tastings, alcohol is the centrepiece for a lot of vacations. The pandemic has caused some people to reassess their relationship with booze when they travel. (Condé Nast Traveler)

Travel expert: 'A la carte' pricing is the future of hotels

This travel expert predicts that hotels are going to follow the airline model and start pricing things a la carte. Want to use the pool? The gym? The wi-fi? Anything besides a bed? That will cost you extra. (Yahoo! Money)

A TIFF programmer picks his favourite movies that show off Canada's beauty

A TIFF insider picks his favourite movies that show off Canada's natural beauty. My top pick is the underappreciated "One Week" and I was happy to see that it's one of the movies on his list. (Toronto Star)

David Pogue's search for the world's best air-travel app

Tech writer David Pogue is annoyed that Expedia killed off their Flight Track Pro app. Now he's on a quest to find one that even comes close to its usefuleness for air travellers. (Yahoo! Finance)

Lumo is the Ryanair of the rails

New budget train operator Lumo will offer £20 fares from London to Edinburgh on launch day, but, amazingly, it's still cheaper to fly between them via Budapest. So much for sustainable travel! (The Daily Mail)

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