Mark Stachiew Travels Friday Five

Welcome back to the Friday Five, a quick collection of the most interesting travel stories that I shared this week on Mark Stachiew Travels. Seeing that it was Earth Week, several stories look forward to the sustainability of travel after the pandemic passes.

How to travel more sustainably
What does it even mean to travel sustainably? The New York Times looks past the greenwashing messages of travel marketers and offers some real suggestions of how your travels can do less damage to the planet.
U.S. airline JetBlue expands into Canada for the 1st time
Until now, low-cost airline JetBlue has stayed away from Canada, but will soon be flying to Vancouver which is an interesting choice considering Toronto and Montreal are larger cities.
Harbour Air moves closer to being the world’s first all-electric airline
British Columbia's Harbour Air is the world's largest seaplane airline, but it has bigger ambitions. It wants to be the world's first all-electric airline. It's not far off.
This is what vacations might look like in 30 years
In three decades, we might be taking vacations on the moon or Mars. Sounds like the same story I read 50 years ago during the Apollo era that promised the same thing. Maybe this time it will be true.
The trouble with maskless tourists
Too many tourists are showing up in other countries and flouting masking rules, thinking that the rules don't apply to them because they've been vaccinated. They couldn't be more wrong.

Thanks for reading! If you like what you read, have suggestions of what you'd rather see or just want to drop me a line to tell me what you're up to, write me at [email protected]. And don't forget to forward this newsletter to anyone else that you think would find it interesting.

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