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Mark Stachiew Travels Friday Five

Welcome to the this week's edition of the Friday Five, a quick collection of the most interesting travel stories that I shared this week on Mark Stachiew Travels. More of us are looking forward to some kind of travel this summer and these stories look at some of the worries we still have and how we're working through them.

What you need to know before you book (or put off) your summer trips
Rising vaccination rates and a gradual easing of travel restrictions may be causing some Canadians to dream of that summer vacation they had long since written off, but with many restrictions still in place, challenges with insurance, and the question of travelling with unvaccinated children, there are several things to consider before spending money on plane tickets in 2021. (CTV News)

Science says you should mute those work emails when you're on vacation
With the pandemic blurring the line between work and home for many, a new study found that long working hours are literally killing us. It's time to set some boundaries, especially when we're on holiday. (Condé Nast Traveler)

Who wants a hotel with a hallway, anyway?
Travel snobs may look down on motels, but their popularity is on the rise during the pandemic for the simple reason that you can directly access your room without having to walk through a shared and germy hallway. (New York Times)

American Airlines to discontinue its inflight magazine
American Airlines is killing its inflight magazine. You might fob it off on the pandemic because magazines get shared on airplanes and pass on germs, but they are also killing the online version so it's more likely just a way for the airline to save money. Expect others to follow suit. (Times of India)

Argument over who gets the armrest on planes finally solved
According to most travel experts, the person in the middle seat on airplanes should get both middle arm rests. That means the person next to the window has the wall to lean on and the passenger in the aisle has their outer arm rest to lean against. Seems logical, but not everyone agrees. (The Sun)

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