13 sure-fire Father’s Day gift ideas for dads who like to travel

Father’s Day is fast approaching and if you haven’t already bought a gift to give to him on that special day, then I’ve got a bunch of travel-inspired gift ideas for you. As I’m a dad and a traveller, I think I’m especially qualified to offer advice on what to get him and seeing that many of us aren’t so keen on going outdoors to shop in the real world, all of these items can be purchased online.

Globe-etched drinking glasses

[Photo by Amazon.ca]
If your father enjoys sipping a beverage or two, especially an aged whiskey from some distant land, then he’ll dig these rounded drinking glasses that are etched with an image the globe on them.

$94 on Amazon.ca

Viking-inspired drinking horn

[Photo by Amazon.ca]
Are etched drinking glasses too conventional for your father? What about a drinking flagon made out of a horn? It’s perfect not only for Father’s Day, but also for Ragnarok!

$58 on Amazon.ca

Hand-etched, city-map coasters

[Photo by Amazon.ca]
If your mother is always yelling at your father for leaving rings on the coffee table with his drinking glasses, then it’s time to get him one of these attractive wooden coaster sets with city maps etched into them. You can choose from more than 100 different cities including Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver.

$35 on Amazon.ca

Unbreakable sunglasses

[Photo by Amazon.ca]
If your father is like me, then he goes through sunglasses like nobody’s business. Get him these unbreakable sunglasses and maybe you won’t have to buy him a new set next year. Not unless he loses them, which he probably will. At least then you’ll know what to get him next time.

$34 on Amazon.ca

Smart Luggage ID Tags with Lifetime Global Recovery Service

[Photo by Amazon.ca]
ReturnMe helps return your lost luggage to you with these smart luggage tags, promising service for life. These tags are especially attractive if your father doesn’t relish the idea of putting all of his personal information on a luggage tag for all the world to see. These tags have a special id code that finders can use to track down the bag’s owner via the ReturnMe website.

$10 on Amazon.ca

Camouflage toiletry bag

[Photo by Amazon.ca]
The enemy will never see your Dad shaving if he’s outfitted with this cool-looking, camo toiletry bag. If camouflage is not his thing, then Kemy’s has several other attractive styles available to match any dad’s style.

$29 on Amazon.ca

Military-inspired canvas duffel backpack

[Photo by Jet Set Generation]
There’s a reason that duffel bags have been popular for so long. They are perfect for people whose packing style is to cram everything in until it fits. Durable and spacious, this military-inspired duffel backpack will become your father’s favourite.

$30 on Jet Set Generation

Traveller’s roll-up backgammon set

[Photo by Amazon.ca]
Portable chess sets are pretty common, but why not pack a backgammon set instead? Perfect for whiling away the hours waiting at the airport instead of gazing at your phone, these roll-up sets from Pendelton’s are lightweight and easy to store.

$52 on Amazon.ca

Wireless noise-cancelling earphones

[Photo by Amazon.ca]
Earphones are a must-have accessory for travellers these days and these portable beauties not only offer big sound in a tiny package, but their noise-cancelling properties are welcome on noisy airplanes or in noisy hotel rooms, at least when the day comes that we can all travel again. Until then, dad can use them to tune out people at home.

$63 on Amazon.ca

Activity tracker

[Photo by Amazon.ca]
Help dad stay in shape with this inexpensive, yet feature-packed, fitness tracker that looks as good as it is easy use. It’s so easy that you might not have to set it up for him. Okay, no guarantees on that.

$50 on Amazon.ca

Army-inspired wristwatch

[Photo by Zero Hour Watches]
If activity trackers are too high-tech, then you can’t go wrong with a wristwatch. They may be artifacts from an analog age, but they still look great and you don’t have to pull your phone out of your pocket every 10 seconds to tell the time. This classic design takes its cue from military field watches and will last for years to come.

$100 on Zero Hour Watches

Travel book for travel inspiration

[Photo by Amazon.ca]
Most travellers don’t actually need much inspiration to travel, but this fantastic book from Lonely Planet goes one step beyond. Offering insights into every nation on Earth, your dad may announce that his new goal in life is to visit every country in the world. You can buy it in hardcover, softcover or digital. You may want to buy yourself a copy.

$43 on Amazon.ca

Travel stub diary

[Photo by Amazon.ca]
Some dads (I’m guilty!) love to hang on to all of the paper ephemera that they collect while travelling. Things like train tickets, city maps, luggage tags and so on are tangible reminders of the places we’ve been. Help him keep track of those mementos with this handy scrapbook.

$21 on Amazon.ca

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