Video: Burma | Myanmar

Whether you call in Myanmar, Burma or even Siam, this beautiful country in Southeast Asia delights everyone who comes to experience it. This video will show you why.


Video: Take a 10-hour train ride through Siberia

This video of a 10-hour train ride through the snowy forests of Siberia won’t show you a while lot of the scenery, but the sounds of the rolling train are perfect if you need to meditate or relax.

Video: Exploring Patagonia together

If you didn’t already know that Patagonia is awesomely beautiful, this video of some young folk exploring the wilds of South America’s southernmost reaches will surely convince you.

Video: Malta

The Mediterranean island of Malta is often overshadowed by more glamourous destinations in the region, but this video will show you what this hidden beauty has to offer.

Video: Canada

Canadians take winter for granted and start complaining about it¬†after a few months of cold, but when we can experience it through the eyes of someone who doesn’t see snow very often we are reminded how special it is to have four distinct seasons that we can enjoy. Here’s a reminder of how beautiful Canada can be in fall and winter as seen by a¬†Colombian visitor.

Video: The Roads of Argentina

The wild beauty of Argentina awes visitors. This couple’s videos on the highways and byways of this South American nation capture some of that beauty and will doubtless inspire you to add this nation to your dream list of destinations.

Video: Morocco in less than 5 minutes

Enjoy this footage collected from one couple’s two-week vacation in the North-African nation of Morocco, so close to Europe, but a world away in sights and sounds.

Video: Cycling the Peruvian Andes

Bummed that winter is coming and you’ve got to put your bike away when it snows? No worries! Summer’s coming to South America and, judging from this video, cycling in the mountains of Peru looks like a stunning experience.

Take a virtual road trip with Call of Road

Armchair travel has taken on a whole, new meaning in the age of first-person video. This website offers POV videos of all sorts of places taken from cars, planes, trains and many other modes of transportation. It’s the next best thing to being there.

Video: Melodies for the Lemurs

It’s not quite Across the Andes by Frog, but the idea of exploring Madagascar by skateboard is not far off.