Daily travel links for 2017-10-13: Pampered pets, travel as consumerism and Cuba travel warning

    • Google Street View gives us the chance visit remote Quttinirpaaq National Park on the tip of Ellesmere Island.… https://t.co/7l9xK1ENDm

Daily travel links for 2017-10-12: Chinning around the world, travel fears and a cracking glass bridge

    • This traveller is ‘chinning’ her way around the world in a series of not so flattering Instagram photos.… https://t.co/jwSp3sqRD6
    • Turkish Airlines expands its free Stopover Service for transfer passengers, but mostly those from obscure cities.… https://t.co/rGkN74vNZS


Daily travel links for 2017-10-11: Sex and travel, swimming with salmon and revisiting the Holocaust

    • Here are 10 things you can do to make yourself think you are saving the world while travelling.… https://t.co/KoGFJAPGlx
    • Heading out on an NHL road trip? Here’s a subjective guide to the best places to eat in every NHL city.… https://t.co/8HANmFpdRJ


Daily travel links for 2017-10-10: The world’s hardest karaoke song, Star Wars locations and funny place names


Daily travel links for 2017-10-09: Passports for sale, flight routines of super-travellers and airline shaming

    • We are urged to #travel to places before they are gone, but it’s more important to go to them before you’re gone. #travelwisdom
    • This infographic demonstrates 10 of the best ways to fall asleep on a plane, assuming your flying economy. https://t.co/DW9oDv6xWK

Daily travel links for 2017-10-06: In-flight art, travel motivations and not complaining

Daily travel links for 2017-10-05: Selfies hurt animals, toilet-seat museum for sale and Colosseum gets bigger


Daily travel links for 2017-10-04: The airport bar, pod airplanes and the best tourism videos

Daily travel links for 2017-10-03: Cheap Canadian airlines, hotel noise and an apology to Iceland

Daily travel links for 2017-10-02: Free in-flight texting, private rail cars and coasteering

    • We used to call it jumping off a cliff, but now it’s called coasteering and it’s something you can pay to do… https://t.co/FDRBbloGqK