Daily travel links for 2017-10-13: Pampered pets, travel as consumerism and Cuba travel warning

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Daily travel links for 2017-10-12: Chinning around the world, travel fears and a cracking glass bridge

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Daily travel links for 2017-10-11: Sex and travel, swimming with salmon and revisiting the Holocaust

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Daily travel links for 2017-10-09: Passports for sale, flight routines of super-travellers and airline shaming

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Daily travel links for 2017-10-06: In-flight art, travel motivations and not complaining

Cuba ‘Trump-ets’ new American invasion

It was 56 years ago that American-backed insurgents landed on the beaches of Cuba’s Bay of Pigs. That invasion was a failure, but, thanks to the recent warming of relations between Cuba and the U.S., there’s a new American invasion taking place. How this one will turn out is anyone’s guess.

Any day that cruise ships are in town, the length of Calle Obispo, the main artery of Havana’s Old City, bustles with American  tourists. They come to explore the host of shops, bars and restaurants that line this picturesque avenue in a city that was once off limits to Americans.

One of the most popular spots along the street is La Floridita, the bar that invented the rum-fuelled daiquiri cocktail that was a favourite of American writer Ernest Hemingway.

Read the rest of the story on TraveLife Magazine’s website.

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