“There is no happiness for the person who does not travel. For Indra is the friend of the traveller, therefore wander!” -Brähmann

Daily travel links for 2017-08-17: Tourists kill dolphin, swimming with whale sharks and Europe hates tourists

Daily travel links for 2017-08-16: Visiting with Grey Owl, travel in India and the most livable cities

    • World’s 10 most livable cities in 2017 has Vancouver, Toronto and Calgary in the top 5, but no Montreal? Whatever.… https://t.co/0hZ4314e0p
    • Need an interactive map that shows areas at risk for zika virus? This one will do just fine. https://t.co/z9jMd4fqDP


Daily travel links for 2017-08-15: Snorkelling in Scotland, roadside dinosaurs and surprising Regina

    • Overtourism is having its moment and I’m sure it is a problem that will be solved soon, just like climate change.… https://t.co/sC9FZsvcGg


Daily travel links for 2017-08-14: More digital nomads, hackers target hotels and best airport lounges

    • Oh, look! A story about digital nomads. I wonder if they can sell me a book telling me how to be one, too!… https://t.co/ZYayhKMhYJ

Daily travel links for 2017-08-11: Too many tourists, Iceland’s attraction and most-visited museums

    • Most people’s reaction to overtourism is “too many of them, just enough of me,” but we’re all part of the problem.… https://t.co/fT9a1NNKQp 


Daily travel links for 2017-08-09: Re-using towels, pilotless planes and returning books

    • Science says that longer vacations aren’t necessarily better than shorter ones in terms of happiness gained.… https://t.co/Y8OqPsnkUW 
    • For the first anniversary of Stories, Instagram reveals the world’s most popular locations on the service. https://t.co/3hs7WvvztQ  
    • American travellers are reportedly attempting to cross the Canadian border with handguns with ‘alarming frequency.’… https://t.co/RTmBPN5U4J 
    • Lonely Planet introduces Trips, a mobile self-publishing content platform because no one uses Facebook or Instagram… https://t.co/xs6k6A4yVy

Daily travel links for 2017-08-08: Road trips before GPS, M*A*S*H location and tourists behaving badly

    • Do you remember what is was like to take a road trip before we all used GPS units to guide us?… https://t.co/nC00mcyzWK
    • Adding this to my bucket list: the spot in the Santa Monica hills where they filmed M*A*S*H.… https://t.co/jc8Tvh0Wsu
    • Tourists behaving badly, part 2: A man was jailed for wearing sandals in an Asian temple.  https://t.co/rSZoaL3QTZ


Daily travel links for 2017-08-07: The travel behemoth, execs’ travel secrets and National Lighthouse Day

    • If you’re planning to road trip around Iceland’s Ring Road, be warned that it’s even more popular than ever.… https://t.co/X2r2xf9LeR


Daily travel links for 2017-08-04: Don’t fly with a gun, ban tiger selfies and the perils of overtourism

    • Overtourism is ruining some cities’ neighbourhoods. Is there anything that can be done to stop it?… https://t.co/2gScyfm1lY
    • Here’s what happens to the world’s largest roadside attractions when they fall into second place.… https://t.co/nteQJfOIuc